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Axie Infinity Team Rentals

Have you ever thought of earning while playing? Sounds interesting, right? You can now form a team of your own to play and win. At Axie, we have provision for choosing potential players – you can get your team together to begin earning in game currencies. Also, the best part about this whole process is that you can redeem the game currencies and earn real money out of it.

With the sudden rise in number of trainers looking to play Axie Infinity with a team of prospective winners; prices of teams have surged beyond imagination. Thus, programs like Axie Scholarships and Axie Lending programs have come up to meet this demand. These programs are backed by trusted community members; who offer a newbie the opportunity to get started with Axie Infinity.

In order to help facilitate the gaming process and the on-boarding of players, we have introduced the rental program where potential players are ready to team up at cheaper rates. The scholarships allow you to borrow and form your own team of newbie prospective players to start playing Axie Infinity.

  • Allow new players to try out the game, without spending money (until and unless they are sure about investing further)
  • Allow people to begin earning in game currencies, which can be traded for real money later (what better way to earn than playing?)

Lending and borrowing players or Axies to play the game is a win-win situation – since Axie Infinity is a earning game platform – the trainers/borrowers get a team to play with and a large cut of the winnings, on the other hand; the lenders get a small cut of the earnings as a management/lending fee. This makes this situation a two way profit road.

What to keep in mind while Borrowing/Lending for Axie Infinity?

It is important to note that these programs are generally risk free; especially for the trainers as participants. The Axie owners create an account with a team of Axies, provide the newbie/potential player the login info and then they are all set to play the game. Sharing personal information is not a necessity; but only a choice if you are a part of the team. Once you’ve earned resources in the game, it is up to the Axie owner to cash out (usually once a week or once a month) and send you your share as a part of their team. Here, the only potential risk that you could encounter is an Axie owner not sharing the profits with you. In such cases, you lose your time / the hours that you invested – which is why we recommend going with vetted, trustworthy programs. You can trust Axie Infinity Team Rentals – a total of 10 members; to ensure that your hard work and invested time pays off at the end of the game; whether you are a borrower or a lender – you get to earn real money for all the sweat over that game of yours.

Axie Infinity Team Rentals

We value your trust and time

We have vetted a few of these Axie game programs, so that you get your fair share of earning. We have listed out all the information about these programs as well as all the particulars about how to apply. Note that the programs listed are all run by trusted members of the discord community; however they are not affiliated with either AxieEdge or Sky Mavis (the company that runs Axie Infinity game). While we trust that none of these programs will try to rip off its users, please carry out your own research before joining any of the gaming programs – try to understand the various payment schemes and how to redeem them in your currency. This ensures that your game play is worth your time and effort.

At Axie Infinity Team Rentals, the Reward Split is pre-decided – Trainers get 70% SLP and Program owners get 30% SLP. Basic requirements for trainers / potential players are – 500 SLP earned per week and 1000 SLP minimum withdrawal.

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Axie Infinity Team Rentals

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